Sports Injuries in San Diego

The latest casualty in the pursuit of sports glory is a 17-year-old La Jolla high school student who sustained traumatic brain injury presumably during a football game three months previously. During the game, the teenager got hit on the head and informed the assistant coach, but continued to play. The boy vomited on the sidelines, a symptom of brain injury.

Since then, the teenager has suffered persistent headaches after reading a few lines of text, and exhibited intolerance of bright lights. He has been unable to return for a full day of school since the incident despite receiving treatment. The assistant coach had been suspended; he denies having been told that the player had been hurt.

A poll of sports-related concussions reported in San Diego County between August 2013 and October 2014 shows that football is the main cause of concussion in San Diego at 80, with soccer being a far second (25), volleyball in third (14), and basketball in fourth place (11). While the concussions may have been accidental, sending them back in without receiving proper medical attention is negligence as discussed in

Who is to blame for sports injuries? Some may say that injuries are part and parcel of the game, and they would be right. But when a player is injured, it is the duty of the coaches or team leader to pull them out of the game until the extent and nature of the injury can be determined and if sending the player back in is safe. Failing to do this puts the welfare of the players, especially teenagers, at serious risk.

If your child has been injured while playing sports and the coach neglected to take the proper steps to ensure the player’s physical well-being, you may be able to sue for personal injury. Consult with a San Diego personal injury lawyer and have your case assessed.

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