It had been a trend some time ago for writers to just pack articles in with keyword after keyword in order to increase visibility. Did it matter if the content was engaging or offered the reader anything new? No. But back in the day, that was what was considered effective – and for a time, it was. The thing about ever-evolving technology and trends in this digital age is that algorithms can get smarter – and so can people.

Audiences are more hypercritical about the content that they consume thanks to the availability of information on the internet. All it takes to bring a hypothetical claim down is a good Google search by someone who knows what they’re doing. A lot of websites want to rank up in terms of visibility – they want to be among the very first pages during a Google search, as that tends to increase sales and reputability. However, the algorithm has changed that what is being followed now is not how many times the keywords are used.

The most trustworthy and reputable websites that show up on searches are the ones that get the most relevant traffic. Anyone can buy clicks by the thousand but, as according to the website of Kinetic Word, it takes relevant content in order to hook in loyal clientele.

Content writers are then especially practiced with analyzing whatever the current trend is in terms of content and making it work for the given client. The trend must suit the actual business of the company and, while websites and stylistic choices can be duplicated and cloned to perfection, it takes a certain amount of skill, practice, and talent in order to do what writers do: which is speak to the reader in an intimate level that inspires trust and loyalty. Syntax, accuracy, and readability are important aspects to content creation and this is not something that can be generated by an algorithm.

A computer will never be able to replicate the human capability to enter compassion and empathy into the way certain sentences are created – and that is why writers will always be necessary in every industry. The algorithm can keep changing but audiences cannot be fooled so easily.

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